College After Incarceration

The purpose of this website is to tell the story of one doctoral student seminar and our role in educating college administrators, faculty members, policymakers, and community members how to better serve Formerly Incarcerated College Students (FICS). FICS seek higher education as a method of achieving a better life for themselves and their families. They know that education will put them on a better track that will offer options in their career.

Our Commitment


Class Sessions at 2 Hours and 45 Minutes Each

Articles Annotated By Our Research Team

Interviews from Various Stakeholder

What FICS Bring To College

When working with students who were formerly incarcerated, it is important to know that they have a lot to bring to college as they further their education and improve their opportunities for a brighter future. Halkovick, et al (2013) highlight the gifts they bring to their college environment:

Enthusiasm for Learning

Desire to Give Back to their Communities

Diverse Personal Experiences

Determination to Transform their Lives

Facts About Formerly Incarcerated College Students

The list below highlights the percentage of information listed in the articles that we read as a class.  Please note, while these percentage provide a snapshot of our class insights and action funnel, chapter 9 provides a detailed account of this information.


Definition of the Population Needs/Issues


Analyses of college related experiences


Evaluation of current services/policies/interventions


Relevant Theories

Who We Are:

This website was created by a doctoral seminar class in the Higher Education program at Florida State University to study  a specific population of college students who have been largely overlooked or underserved in the American system of higher education.  This website serves as our window into Formerly Incarcerated College Students!

Our Thoughts, Prior To Our Research

“As a child, my mother made it clear, prisons are for bad people, but all people in prisons were not bad.”

Jesse Ford

“I instantly felt a wave of shame as I pictured what the prison experience might be like, even as a visitor, based exclusively on what I had seen in television shows and movies.”

Brad Cox